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Volg mij ook op YouTube als je voelt dat je meer wilt weten wat klank en geluid voor je kan betekenen!  Hier deel ik korte soundhealings, klank activaties met licht taal en meditaties.


Free om jou te ondersteunen, herinneren en inspireren!

Soundhealing grounding with Gaia for Starseeds

Soundhealing grounding with Gaia for Starseeds

Hi beautiful soul are you a star seed? If you found my channel then chances are high! Energy attracts each other so nice to meet you! This grounding is for you to find an anchor here on Mother Earth. Yes you are also a HUMAN being experiencing life, AND you are also a DIVINE spark of the UNIVERSE! If you are asking yourself questions like; who am I, and why am I here, were do I come from? Or if you ar feeling that you don't belong here because you feel different, that's because you are different:). Now it's time for you to learn more about where you come from! The universe is multidimensional so the quest is to find your connection to your blueprint and align yourself with your star family. You are unique and it is your energy that you can bring into this world. With dance, singing, art, music, communication, creating or just being yourself! As a galactic healer, my mission is to bring the codes of the multidimensional world here to earth for remembering and transformation of the divine feminine bleuprint. I am a galactic soul and my ancestry is of the Pleiadian Blue Starseed. What are Starseeds? Starseeds are highly advanced spiritual beings and souls that originated from distant planets, solar systems, and galaxies, typically far from Earth. These evolved souls carry a multitude of wisdom within, along with special abilities and gifts. Given that you came from stardust and have been infused with divine light, you might feel this connection deeply in your bones. Are you born from a distant star, a true descendant of a faraway light-body or planet, a Starseed? And how do you feel home if this isn’t your home planet? When we wonder about our origins, we might consider that Earth is one of many experiments, during a time when collaborations of alien races seeded stars and planets to grow new worlds. When we die and then choose to reincarnate, it seems we have many options. As amorphous, traveling souls, we not only have this planet to consider, but many others throughout the billions of galaxies, realms, and universes, and within many continuums of spacetime. It’s in this way that our souls may have birthed a thousand times in a thousand different galaxies. Earth is an evolving, stable, three-dimensional planet, with an equal balance of physical and angelic experiences. Most agree that Starseeds are traveling souls from other planets who incarnated on Earth to inspire and heal human beings, and to participate in the planet’s evolution. It’s also possible that Starseeds are physical descendants of aliens from other worlds, who traveled to Earth to be our planet’s lightworkers! So beautiful Starseed you have a special mission! Own your light and share it with the world! 🪶🧚‍♂️🪶 My name is Odith, lightworker, soundhealer, wisdom womb keeper and share light language for remembering and healing. 💚 I hope this video helped you remember or guide you to who YOU are so that you can become who you are meant to be! We all have a purpose in life and a divine blueprint that makes you unique! Remember your soul gifts! 🪶Website 🪶Private sessions VOCAL SOUND HEALING GAIA RECONNECTION WOMB HEALING 🪶Retreat DIVINE FEMININE HEALING RETREAT 2022
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